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What does Ngai mean in Lingala?

Ngai means me. Therefore bolingo na Ngai literally means “My love”. The title for Alicios' song 'Posa ya Bolingo' means 'Thirst for Love'. Posa is the lingala word for thirst.

What is I miss you in Lingala?

i miss you phrase4 na leli yo.

How do you say Im fine in Lingala?

eh, naza(li) malamu! : yes, I'm fine! – nazo yoka nzoto malamu te ! : I don't feel well ! I do not feel good ! – yambi ! : welcome !

What does Ngai stand for?

clan or tribe: used before the names of certain Māori tribes. Ngai Tahu. Word origin. Māori.

What does Mama Na Ngai meaning?

Mama na ngai, ngai nakanisa yo - My mother I am thinking about you.

What does Loba mean in Lingala?

loba, form of a verb. infinitive : koloba. time : (etinda) imperative (run ! let's go !

What does Mabele mean in Lingala?

Mabele: Without an accent make at the end, pronounced with a soft 'b' can mean – milk, or breast. Mwana oyo alingi komela mabele/miliki (from English) – this child wants to drink milk. Mwasi wana azali na mabele minene –that lady has big breasts.

What is nzambe?

Nzambe/Zambe – means God. Though there are different spelling variations depending with the region hence you may find the word 'Nzambi/Zambi' being used to mean God.

What is ndeko in Lingala?

ndeko, pl. bandeko (class 1a/2 : - / ba-) sibling, relatives. cousin, family, brother, sister, neighbor, friend.

How do you say I'm tired in Lingala?

Na-LEMB-i. I'm tired.

What does Soni mean in Lingala?

shame. timidity. see also : bosóni. mbala ya liboso oyaki awa ozalaki koyoka soni. The last time you were here, you were ashamed.

What does Tata mean in Lingala?

tata, pl. batata (class 1a/2 : - / ba-) dad, father, man, Mr.

What does Yaka mean in Lingala?

Yaka means in Lingala (one of the languages of DRC) “Come”. We invite you to come and discover the “Taste of Africa”.

How do you respond to Sango nini?

Person 1: Ndenge nini? (How are you?) Person 2: Nazali malamu, botondi. Na yo? (I'm well, thank you.

What kind of name is Ngai?

Ngai is the transliteration of three Chinese surnames in Hong Kong based on Cantonese: 魏, also common in northern China as Wei (pinyin: Wèi)

Where is Ngai Ngai?

Ngai ngai is the Lingala word for roselle . Ngai means sour in Lingala, so ngai ngai can literally translate into “sour sour”. Specie of hibiscus, roselle leaves known for their sourness are mostly grown in tropical or subtropical part of the world, like West and Central Africa.

How do you say my love in Congolese?

My love means bolingo na ngai in Lingala.

What does Yaya mean in Lingala?

yaya – older brother, older sister.

What is brother in Lingala?

Talking about your family (Libota) in Lingala
The FamilyLibota
Brother1) Leki ya mobali (Younger brother) 2) Yaya ya mobali (Older brother)
SonMwana ya mobali
DaugtherMwana ya mwasi
9 more rows

What is Makemba Lingala?

plantain, sort of banana for cooking.

What does Yaya mean in Congo?

In an Afro-Caribbean religious sect, found mostly in Brazil and the Congo, the word "Yaya" refers to a woman who has gone through a religious initiation. It means "Mother" or "Mama Priestess."

What does Moninga mean in Lingala?

móníngá, pl. baninga (class 1/2 : mo- (mu-) / ba- (persons)) friend, comrade.

What's the meaning of Bolingo Na Ngai?

Bolingo na ngai is probably the one phrase you pick out the most from Congolese songs. Bolingo means love. Ngai means me. Therefore bolingo na Ngai literally means “My love”.

What does Motema mean?

Noun. motéma 3 (plural mitéma 4 ) heart. character, personality. courage.

What does Makambo mean in Lingala?

The Lingala phrase 'lobi makambo' means tomorrow problems. It also means new issues tomorrow.

What does Bedo mean?

(transitive, obsolete) To adorn; ornament; garnish.

What is actualmente?

Adverb. actualmente. currently, at present, now synonym ▲ Synonym: acum.

What does Dulu mean?

Adverb. dulu (Jawi spelling دولو‎) before, earlier, previously.

What does makasi mean in Lingala?

power, power, vigor, strength, vitality, energy, resistance. makási. tough, hard, strong, solid, resistant, strength. naza beubeu makasi. ekolo ya makasi !

Whats the meaning of Mwasi Kitoko?

Mwasi kitoko means beautiful, pretty good, nice (e.g. the taste of food) 1.

What does Mokonzi meaning Lingala?

MOKONZI, noun, pl. MIKONZI. chief, king, president, boss, authority, lord, master. derived from : KOKONZA.

What does bangala mean in Lingala?

In Lingala, Bangala translates to "People of Mongala". This means people living along the Mongala River.

What does Ndoki mean in Lingala?

"Ndoki" was written and composed by Fally Ipupa and recorded and produced in France. The song's lyrics are about a woman who broke a man's heart by leaving him. He calls her "Ndoki" (Lingala for "Devil" or "Witch") for leaving him with heartache.

What is beautiful in Lingala?

The English word “beautiful” means “kitoko” in Lingala. Ex: Nzete wana eza kitoko.

What does Pesa mean in Lingala?

pesa, form of a verb. infinitive : kopésa. time : (etinda) imperative (run ! let's go !

What does Penza mean in Lingala?

(very) early in the morning. during the day. Soki miso na yo ezali malamu, okomona polele penza. If your eyes are good, you will see really clearly.

What does Fololo mean in Lingala?

a flower. synonymes : lombe mbe. abonzeli ngai liboke ya fulele he offered me a bouquet of flowers.

What is fufu in Lingala?

fufu. fufú, pl. bafufu (class 9a/10a (2) : - / - (ba-) : plural from context (or informal/modern ba-), not with n-/m-) flour. a paste obtained from boiled and mashed flour.

What does Liboma mean in Lingala?

ligbómá, pl. magboma (class 5/6 : li- / ma- (parts of body, fauna, flora,...)) madness, dementia.

What does Elengi mean Lingala?

elengi, pl. bilengi (class 7/8 : e- / bi-) pleasure, what gives pleasure. good taste, delicious. cozy, nice feeling, beauty, gentleness.

How do you say God bless you in Lingala?

“GOD bless you!” “NZAMBE apambola yo!

What is the response to ba wo ni in Yoruba?

' A dúpẹ́' is the ideal response. How is it? - Bawo ni/ Ṣe dáradára ni?

How do you say friend in Lingala?

A true friend means moninga ya solo in Lingala.

What nationality is Ngai?

Ngai is the transliteration of three Chinese surnames in Hong Kong based on Cantonese: 魏, also common in northern China as Wei (pinyin: Wèi)

What language is Ngai?

According to Vietnamese sources the Ngái people speak Hakka, a Sino-Tibetan language but are classified separately from the Hoa or urban ethnic "Overseas Chinese".

Where does Ngai live?

The Agikuyu believe in a supreme being (Ngai), who lives on Mount Kenya. The name 'Ngai', means 'one creator God',to whom they offer prayers and sacrifices at designated places, such as on top of hills, Mount Kenya and under specific trees.

What is sister in Lingala?

❓ sister 😟 📧 help@kasahorow.org.

What does mobali mean?

boy, man, husband, right. male person, male. na mobali. the right side. vrai biere pona ba vrais mibali.

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