Sicily weather november? (2023)

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Is November a good time to go to Sicily?

November. Despite the rainy weather, November is an excellent month to explore the island's many museums. November also ushers in the wine season in Sicily, following the autumn harvest, making this a great month to enjoy the island's rich culinary traditions.

Is Sicily still warm in November?

Sicily is a large island in the Mediterranean Sea that enjoys warm weather throughout November. It's slightly cooler than previous months, but it's still a great time to visit for soaking up the sunshine on the beaches and doing lots of sightseeing.

Is it rainy in Sicily in November?

November is one of the wettest times of year (next to December). You can expect a few inches of rain in Sicily this month, with fog rolling in in higher elevations in the interior of the island.

Can you swim in Sicily in November?

Sicily in November

November on Sicily this daily temperature usually in the range of 15 – 20°C, occasionally reaching at noon 25°C and and low precipitation. Locals no longer bathe in the sea, but the water is still pleasant, comparable with the beginning of May.

Is November too cold for Italy?


Southern Italy will always be much warmer than northern Italy, especially in the Alps or Dolomite mountain ranges. Cities in northern Italy such as Turin, Milan, Bologna, and Venice have average high temperatures of 52 degrees – chilly enough for a sweater and a coat.

Is November a rainy month in Italy?

Weather in Italy in November

November is Italy's rainiest month, almost to a region across the peninsula. It's not usually the coldest month on the calendar, but it's often when a sweater and warm coat come in handy (not to mention water resistant shoes).

Is Palermo worth visiting in November?

Fall in Palermo: September - November

The highs can still be in the 80s ( 26 degrees C) and the lows are only in the mid-60s (15 degrees C). The weather in the early fall is really mild and pleasant and it can be a really great time to visit Palermo for lower relative humidity and lower average temperatures.

What part of Sicily is best in November?

Inland Sicily is the coolest part of the island in November, with the mountains areas of the region tending to see the lowest temperatures along with a lot of mist and fog.

What month is best to go to Sicily?

March through June and October are ideal, with few crowds, lots of festivals, and mild weather. The days leading up to Easter are full of celebrations, and worth planning around. July and August are hot and can be crowded — especially at beaches and resorts. September is the busiest (and most expensive) month.

What should I wear in Sicily in November?

November is low season, and a local time. Residents are no longer dressing for summer. Just layer your clothing, and bring a waterproof outer layer.

How hot is Tuscany in November?

You'll see the last of the sunny and dry early autumn weather by November. Average temperatures in central Tuscany around Florence will have cooler temperatures, between 41-59°F (5-15°C).

Where is the warmest place in Europe in November?

The hottest place in Europe in November is Tenerife in the Canary Islands (Spain), with an average temperature of 64°-73°F (18°-23°C). The Canary Islands have no real winter, and you can enjoy many outdoor activities there in November just like you would in the summer.

What is the rainiest month in Sicily?

December and January are the wettest months with about 95mm of precipitation, while June through August are the driest months. It's common for Palermo to go the entire summer with just a few days of rainfall. The sea is a pleasant, refreshing temperature during the summer months.

Is Sicily worth visiting in winter?

Sicily, even in winter, has a world of possibilities to offer you. If you prefer to travel between October and April, coming to Sicily, where the average temperatures remain mild and pleasant even in winter, is a good choice.

What is the coldest month in Sicily?

August is the hottest month in Sicily with an average temperature of 22.35°C (72°F) and the coldest is January at 8.65°C (48°F) with the most daily sunshine hours at 10 in July.

Is it worth it to go to Italy in November?

November is a great time to travel to Italy, and especially to the big cities like Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence, or Naples. It's also a wonderful time to visit the main landmarks and cultural attractions that Italy is famous for and actually be able to enjoy and truly appreciate them.

Where is the warmest place in Italy in November?

Head south if you're looking for hot temperatures and plenty of sunshine, because the Mediterranean is still warm in November. Popular holiday destinations such as Sicily or the beaches in the south of the mainland are practically empty this time of year.

Is Southern Italy hot in November?

The south boasts a warm Mediterranean climate with mild temperatures in November and plenty of daily sunshine. The north and central regions tend to have more of a humid continental or subtropical climate with higher rainfall than the south.

Is November a good time to visit Amalfi Coast?

November is not the best time of year to visit the Amalfi Coast, especially if it's your first time. After the All Saints Day holiday at the beginning of the month, most businesses close up for the winter and reopen at Easter.

Is Tuscany Pretty in November?

Tuscany is beautiful in the fall. During this season, the famous rolling hills of this picture-perfect region of Italy acquire the golden colors that make them look like a Renaissance painting.

Is Tuscany Nice in November?

The days throughout November in Tuscany grow progressively shorter and colder, with rain becoming less of an uncommon sight. However, the days are frequently sunny and cloudless, with fresh, crisp air that seems to beckon us to spend time outdoors.

Why is Palermo so cheap?

But prices in Palermo remain modest, not just because the average salary is lower here and many people are unemployed, but because it is not really a touristy destination. Prices are kept low because it is a University town, so you'll find lots of affordable deals across the city!

How many days in Sicily is enough?

Sicily can be experienced in as little as 3 to 5 days if you are short on time and interested in a quick coastal retreat. However, it's much better to spend at least a week discovering this Mediterranean paradise. If you have 7 days you can explore a meaningful section of the island.

Is Sicily or Sardinia better?

If you're looking for classic historical sites and lots of Greek history then Sicily is the best option, whereas Sardina has much older examples of ancient monuments and has more Roman history than the other island.

Do you need a car in Sicily?

Without a rental car it would be difficult and a lot more expensive to visit these places. While it's possible to explore many of Sicily's towns and cities via train, a rental car gives you the freedom and flexibility to explore everything Sicily has to offer.

Is Sicily cheaper than Italy?

Sicily Trip Cost Guide. Travellers to Sicily will find that the region will be more affordable compared to many other areas of Italy and can expect to spend roughly €55-220 per person per day.

Which part of Sicily is most beautiful?

Taormina is undoubtedly a city with the most beautiful view of Sicily and at the same time one of the most beautiful in Europe. Ruins of the Greco-Roman theater, Etna and the sea in the background.

Which side of Sicily is better?

Western Sicily has the best beaches. Eastern Sicily has the prettier towns (particularly in the south east corners, such as Noto). The Valley of the Temples is best visited on a western Sicily itinerary, but can be visited on a two-week eastern Sicily itinerary.

Should I wear jeans in Italy?

Are jeans appropriate to wear in Italy? While Europeans tend to dress up more than Americans, you still can wear jeans in Italy. However, avoid acid wash and extremely distressed denim and opt for medium-dark blues and blacks. Black skinny jeans always look chic in Europe!

How much does it rain in Sicily in November?

Sunshine and rainfall

There is a 57% chance of a perfect sunny day and a 43% chance of seeing some clouds, with on average 26mm of rainfall this month.

How to not look like a tourist in Sicily?

Dress Nicely

Let's just say that wearing shorts is a good way to advertise that you're a tourist. Steve suggests dressing “for the occasion” and making sure you present yourself neatly. “Italians take a lot of pride in their appearance and usually dress nicely for any kind of public outing.

Is Lake Como nice in November?

The weather in Lake Como in November is typically good, and temperatures are mild. Before the Christmas Season starts, you can still enjoy Lake Como panoramas, historical villas, many easy hikes, boat tours, or stroll in the picturesque towns of the lake.

What is Sardinia like in November?

The daily average is 17°C that drops to 9°C in the evening. You'll need to pack a jacket to stay warm this month. Humidity is always high in Sardinia with an average humidity level of 86% in autumn. Winds are around 7mph near the coast and the average monthly rainfall is 61mm.

What is Croatia like in November?

You'll see the last of the late autumn sunshine in November. Average temperatures in the north around Zagreb will have colder temperatures (42°F/6°C), with temps dipping below freezing on occasion in the mountainous central region. The south along the Adriatic is milder, with daily temperatures of 55°F (13°C).

Where is the warmest place in the Mediterranean in November?

Malta and Gozo

Malta and its neighbouring island of Gozo is a good choice for a November break as it has some of the warmest average temperatures in the Mediterranean with plenty of long, sunny days.

How hot is Portugal in November?

In general, the average temperature for Portugal in November is 15°C (59°F) and as high as 20°C (68°F) which will be the warmest time of the day. Also, you should know that the north of Portugal is usually colder and has more rainy days than in other parts of Portugal.

Is Greece hot in November?

Generally, expect mild weather, with the occasional warm day perfect for walking and sightseeing, and an average afternoon high in the mid-60s Fahrenheit. November also has many cold, wet days, and the nights will also be cool. And the seas are also too cold for bathing (unless you have a wetsuit).

What is Sicily famous for?

The island is famous for its cathedrals, vineyards, island beaches, and amazing architecture. The Palermo Opera House and UNESCO Baroque churches in Noto and Modica are world-renowned Sicilian architectural landmarks, along with the Greek Temples of the Valley of Temples located in Agrigento.

What is the warmest part of Sicily in the winter?

The 3 recommended places
  • Palermo. On the northwestern coast of Sicily. The Sicilian capital would not even need presentations, a treasure that is rich of history, nature and art. ...
  • Catania. On the east coast of Sicily. Even the Etna city has so much to offer. ...
  • Agrigento. On the southern coast of the island.

Is Sicily expensive to eat out?

In general, eating out in Sicily is inexpensive, bearing in mind the location and restaurant. You can expect to pay around €10 for a pizza or pasta dish. Meat dishes cost around €16, with chicken being less expensive and fish or beef costing that and more. A bottle of water is around €2, desserts €5 and coffee €2.

Is Catania or Palermo better?

For those keen to explore Sicilian market culture, Palermo may be a better choice. With markets such as the Mercato di Ballaro, the Mercato di Capo and even the Vucciria night market, there are a few more to choose from that are easily accessible for tourists when compared to Catania.

Which side of Sicily is warmer?

On Sicily's drier, hotter west coast, summer-strong Scirocco winds sometimes blow in from North Africa and can quickly ruin a day at the beach. The northern and eastern coasts of the island see less wind but are still hot and dry in the summer.

What clothes to take to Sicily in winter?

What to wear in Italy in October – February: essentials
  • Warm waterproof winter jacket.
  • Scarf, hat, gloves.
  • Short and long sleeve tops for layering.
  • Cardigan.
  • Warmer jumper.
  • Long trousers / skirts and winter tights.
  • Underwear.
  • Socks.
Apr 1, 2019

Is Sicily warm at Christmas?

Temperatures across the island range between an average low of 52˚F and high of 61˚F (11-16˚C) with the hills in the interior of the island being colder (sometimes seeing snow during cold spells), and mountainous areas over 3,300 feet (1,000 m) sometimes receiving an abundance.

Is it warm enough to swim in Sicily in October?

From May to October, the weather in Sicily is warm enough to sunbathe & swim from the many beautiful beaches around Sicily's stunning coastline and seaside resorts.

Is Sicily still hot in October?

The weather is mild and comfortably warm, yet the days are shorter, and there are more bouts of rain and wind. Temperatures across Sicily run between 56-69˚F (14-21˚C), where Palermo sees an average high of 75˚F (24˚C) and most other coastal towns experience something similar, plus or minus a couple of degrees.

Is Tuscany worth visiting in November?

Is November a good time to visit Tuscany? Yes, if you're looking for cheaper deals, fewer tourists, and amazing food experiences. November is when local truffle and chestnuts are celebrated, and the new olive oil arrive on the table. It's a month that's chock-full of tasty events all around the region.

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