Sicily kitesurf? (2023)

Is Sicily good for kitesurfing?


The kitespot in Sicily offers all beginners the opportunity to learn kitesurfing in a large shallow water area. In general, the lagoon in Sicily is the largest shallow water area to learn kitesurfing. The wind conditions in Sicily are ideal for kitesurfing, especially during the summer months.

When to kitesurf Sicily?

The thermic winds start in June and last until September. This is the most reliable season and the best conditions for kitesurfing. There is a constant 15-20 knots of wind every day and you don't even need a wetsuite. This kind of wind generally starts to blow around 2 p.m. and goes down with the sunset.

Can you kite in Tulum?

Tulum Kite Zone

You can kite pretty much all along Tulum beach. But you must keep swimmers and beach walkers safe all the time. It is highly recommended going to your closest kitesurf school to launch and land your kite with assistance. You are welcome to come to our spot at Ahau Tulum and kite with us.

Where is the best kitesurfing spot in Sicily?

The Stagnone lagoon, the top spot for kitesurfing in Sicily

Right in Sicily, there is one of the best places for kitesurfing in Italy and in the world: the Stagnone nature reserve, known as “Lo Stagnone”.

Are mosquitoes a problem in Sicily?

The risk for mosquito activity is extremely high. Wear long-sleeved shirts and pants when spending time outdoors to prevent bites. The risk for mosquito activity is high. Consider an EPA-registered repellent to deter mosquito bites.

Is kite surfing harder than wind surfing?

Windsurfing, like skiing, is easy to get going on, but more challenging to develop in, whilst kitesurfing, like snowboarding, is trickier to get riding on, but easier to progress in once you start putting in turns and developing a more dynamic ride.

How many days does it take to learn kitesurfing?

The time required for learning the basics of kitesurfing is approximately from 6 to 12 hours. In that light, you can learn to kitesurf in about two- three days' time. Or at least, everything on a basic level can be taught within this time frame.

Do you have to be strong to kitesurf?

Strength is not the primary requirement for kitesurfing, but having a good level of overall physical fitness and core strength can be helpful in some aspects of the sport. Kitesurfing requires coordination, balance, and control more than raw strength.

What is the kite surfing capital of the world?

It's no wonder Cabarete has become the kitesurfing capital of the world, with strong wind nearly year-round and conditions suitable for a variety of riding levels and disciplines. Buen Hombre, Las Terrenas and Punta Cana are also among the other kite spots in the Dominican Republic.

How risky is kite surfing?

With seven injuries per 1,000 hours of physical activity, kiteboarding appears listed as a relatively safe sport, especially when compared to mainstream sports.

What is the capital of kitesurfing?

Cabarete, Dominican Republic, is considered the capital of kitesurfing, with excellent wind conditions most of the year.

Is Sicily good for surfing?

The island's strategic location allows it to receive plenty of swell throughout the whole year and is considered the second most consistent surfing destination in Italy.

Is the sea warm in Sicily?

Temperature. Sicily's temperature is moderated by the warm Mediterranean sea and its location in proximity to the equators. Sea temperatures around Sicily range from around 60 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter to approximately 80 degrees in the summer.

Can u surf in Sicily?

The best period to surf in Sicily is: March to May and September to December. From January to early March the sea gets often too choppy and it's not always that enjoyable.

Is east or west coast of Sicily better?

Overall the east side is marginally better than the west side of Sicily. It is the most beautiful side and easier to get around without a car. It also has more water activities for summer, a wide array of day trips and more family-friendly activities.

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