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What does Kitoko mean in Lingala?

Oct 12, 2014. @ADELLEO. @ADELLEO. Mwasi kitoko means beautiful, pretty good, nice (e.g. the taste of food)

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What is bolingo in Lingala?

Bolingo means love. Ngai means me. Therefore bolingo na Ngai literally means “My love”. The title for Alicios' song 'Posa ya Bolingo' means 'Thirst for Love'. Posa is the lingala word for thirst.

What does Sango Nini mean in Lingala?

Sango nini. Hello (on phone)

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Does Google Translate have Lingala?

Global tech giant Google has added 24 new languages spoken by more than 300 million people to its Google Translate platform. Ten of the new additions are in Africa, including Lingala, Twi and Tigrinya.

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What is Yaya in Lingala?

tata nkoko – grandfather. yaya – older brother, older sister. Common phrases and examples.

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What is makasi in Lingala?

Lingala Dictionary: makasi means strong or hard, nakomi lokola = I turn into, lokola, bango = them.

What does Motema mean?

Noun. motéma 3 (plural mitéma 4 ) heart. character, personality. courage.

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What is nzambe?

Nzambe/Zambe – means God. Though there are different spelling variations depending with the region hence you may find the word 'Nzambi/Zambi' being used to mean God. To use this words correctly, getting the context matters a lot.

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What does Loba mean in Lingala?

loba, form of a verb. infinitive : koloba. time : (etinda) imperative (run ! let's go !

What does Mabele mean in Lingala?

Mabele: Without an accent make at the end, pronounced with a soft 'b' can mean – milk, or breast. Mwana oyo alingi komela mabele/miliki (from English) – this child wants to drink milk. Mwasi wana azali na mabele minene –that lady has big breasts.


What does Mbongo mean Lingala?

Money. Mbongo ezali lokola mbeli wana oyo epeli. Money is like a sharp knife.

What does Elengi mean Lingala?

elengi, pl. bilengi (class 7/8 : e- / bi-) pleasure, what gives pleasure. good taste, delicious. cozy, nice feeling, beauty, gentleness.

 › dictionary › lingala? (2023)
What is husband in Lingala?

No.EnglishLingala lingála
41husbandbolóngani, mobáli
43fathertatá, papá
154 more rows

What does Pamba mean in Lingala?

mpámba, pl. bampamba (class 9/10 (2) : - / - (ba-) : plural invariable from context (or informal/modern ba-))sonorous consonant. pámba. nothing, zero, vain.

What is I love you in Lingala?

I love you!” Nalingi bino mingi!”

What does Pesa mean in Lingala?

pesa, form of a verb. infinitive : kopésa. time : (etinda) imperative (run ! let's go !

What does Koko mean in Lingala?

mama koko grandmother tata koko grandfather.

What does tika mean in Lingala?

tika, form of a verb. infinitive : kotika. time : (etinda) imperative (run ! let's go !

What does Moninga mean in Lingala?

móníngá, pl. baninga (class 1/2 : mo- (mu-) / ba- (persons)) friend, comrade.

What does Mokonzi meaning Lingala?

MOKONZI, noun, pl. MIKONZI. chief, king, president, boss, authority, lord, master. derived from : KOKONZA.

What does Mobimba mean in Lingala?

Mobimba, a lingala word meaning “Complete

What does Risima mean?

Risima is a Xitsonga word meaning "Value" in English. Oxford definition. Value —n. - Worth, desirability, or utility, or the qualities on which these depend. - Worth as estimated (set a high value on my time).

What does Likolo mean in Lingala?

likoló, pl. makolo (class 5/6 : li- / ma- (parts of body, fauna, flora,...)) sky. above, on top of.

What does libala mean in Lingala?

The word Libala in Lingala means "marriage" or "wedding" and from it we derive words such as: a) Bala - marry/wed.

What is a Katil?

katil (definite accusative katili, plural katiller) murderer, killer.

What is a Grootman?

Die man (Afrikaans word for 'the man') Grootman (Slang for a man you respect)

What does Gewicht mean?

noun. weight [noun] the amount which a person or thing weighs. weight [noun] a piece of metal etc of a standard weight.

What does Tala mean in Lingala?

In Lingala, TALA means TO LOOK, whereas TALATALA symbolizes a MIRROR, that object which reflects our own image and helps us know ourselves.

How do you say God bless you in Lingala?

“GOD bless you!” “NZAMBE apambola yo!

What is Mboka in Lingala?

mbóka, pl. bamboka (class 9/10 (2) : - / - (ba-) : plural invariable from context (or informal/modern ba-)) village, country, village of origin, country of origin, bled. region.

What is Makemba Lingala?

plantain, sort of banana for cooking.

What does Biloko mean in Lingala?

Eloko, Biloko, And Bilei? 'Eloko' means thing/something, while 'Biloko' is the plural, and also means – goods/items/objects. In Lingala, the word for food is 'Bilei. ' However, often people use 'Biloko ya kolia' to say food.

What does KUDI mean?

Hint: Kudi is of Dravidian origin meaning house or hut which means a term often used in South India.

What is Biwi?

/bīvī/ nf. wife countable noun. A man's wife is the woman he is married to. /bivi, bIvI, beevee, bīvī/

What is daddu?

daddu. GRANDFATHER = दद्दू [pr. {daddu} ](Verb) Usage : He is my grandfather.

What is beautiful in Lingala?

The English word “beautiful” means “kitoko” in Lingala. Ex: Nzete wana eza kitoko.

What is sister in Lingala?

❓ sister 😟 📧 help@kasahorow.org.

What is God in Lingala?

Lingala Lesson. Praise God = Nzambe akumama.

How do you say Beautiful Girl in Lingala?

The English word “beautiful” means “kitoko” in Lingala. Ex: Nzete wana eza kitoko.

What is I miss you in Lingala?

i miss you phrase4 na leli yo.

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